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"I've been visiting Kirsty for a while now, as I was very impressed with her approach and empathetic skills since the first treatment. Every session I have received has been approached with care and kindness. Kirsty has a warm, healing manner and makes me feel very relaxed when coming in for a coaching. I would recommend Kirsty to anyone who asks, as she is very professional, friendly and experienced with natural abilities to heal. Kirsty knows how to make you feel at ease and communicates with you to understand what you need. I would highly recommend her!" - Erica, Hyde Park, Leeds

"I tried some EFT as I was getting stressed out about getting married in 2 weeks time, with a four month old baby in tow! The session helped me to unravel my anxieties and helped me to understand the root cause of my worries. The technique is easy to do on my own as well so I've been able to remain calm since. Fingers x for the big day!!" Nic, Horsforth


" I have been for a couple of sessions of EFT and it has definitely been illuminating. It has made me realise things about myself that I've never really appreciated before. It's still early days, but I'm eager to continue learning about myself.Kirsty is knowledgeable and immediately puts you at ease. Part of me feels like I've known her for ages!" Shell - Leeds


I think you are a wonderfully intuitive, empathetic therapist- I found that session so amazing! I felt a lovely sense of comfort and connection."


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday, whatever it was that I needed, you gave it to me. I'm feeling at peace, in a way that I haven't felt in quite some time. Thank you, you are wonderful and this is exactly what you should be doing."

"I felt great after our session and still do, thank you very much for assisting me in clearing a lot of emotional baggage and turmoil. My life is amazing and I am very thankful for everything."




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