Open for enrollment now 2021 

In essence the work I do helps you to take off the mask

We are conditioned to believe that in order to love others - we must sacrifice ourselves

We come to deeply believe, unconsciously that our value and worth is governed by what we give to others and how of service we can be

This is ultimate distortion.

It cages us in between a rock and a hard place

We want to be free, abundant, creative and in our power

And yet

We have learnt to fear power from others and in ourselves

We unknowingly give it away at every turn

We isolate ourselves

Not only from others, but from money, experiences and intimacy that we are truly yearning for

We even isolate ourselves from our true desires

My programmes have threaded together the most powerful, rapid and potent tools for de-programming this co-dependency- and plugging us back into our life force and creational energy

Shame gets obliterated in my spaces because I see it clear as day and can show you the tone of Truth to unearth and dissolve it

Your shame our money, sexuality, success, eroticism, intimacy, - it all comes up to be seen and alchemised from your field

Those of us who are unique, eccentric, quirky, neuro-diverse have MORE shame than anyone else because we have always felt on the outside

There’s a deep loneliness that comes when you believe your love is some how wrong because it’s “different”

We don’t thrive on “empathy” we thrive on ENERGY

I teach you the nuances of understanding how you are wired to work from a different system and how it’s not only ok but fucking BEAUTIFUL

The world needs you to be uniquely YOU turned all the way UP

You serve the world by HONOURING your genius first and NEVER making yourself smaller to make others more comfortable

Access to my “Brave Not Slave” 15 video training on

- Boundaries

- Shadow Work

- Archetypal Power Energy

- Self Expression

- Delivering your magic in the world

-Personal strategy for your unique self - your "how" that nourishes your energy type not depletes it

Also training on:

- Connecting to your intuition

- Knowing what you want, AND how to say no without guilt

- Attracting your ideal clients by being yourself, turned up

- Shadow Alchemy - clearing money blocks 

- Intuitive marketing from your truth and expression

- Energy of sales in alignment with your soul purpose

This is a complete activation and re-wiring of your energetic blueprint giving you access to your power in

- Money

- Marketing from intuition

- Energy in sales and money

- Manifesting your intimacy sourced in sovereignty

- Self expression fully embodied

We will have-

Whatsapp or voxer group for round the clock access to me for voice notes and text -shadow hunting and truth work, support, encouragement, motivation. Clearing blocks in real time, unleashing creativity, accountability. 

All can be received in your own time to your own schedule no matter what time zone you are in

As creative, energy sensitive people - I have built this to work FOR you in your own unique way of receiving and engaging

This is potent.

Not for all and not for the faint hearted.

Pm me I’d love to speak with you and see if we are a match

Investment £1100 (£800 special offer for Jan 2020) - 7 week experience