Soul Business Success

1-1 Intensive Programme

In one month we will -

Empower you to take your business online and own the lifestyle you desire 


Stop hiding and playing small - unleash your creativity and highest potential to receive money that mirrors your inherent value and worth

Make a bigger impact by reaching many more people with your message and ignite your fire - no more fearing judgement, rejection or attack when speaking your truth and being visible

If you are ready to show up as the bad-ass changemaker, transformative entrepreneur you are, fearless and worthy and owning your shit - then you are in the right pace

- Release money and abundance blocks that are in the way of you accessing the lifestyle you dream of

- Get motivated and inspired to grow and GO for it

- Blast away limiting beliefs and self-doubts keeping you stuck

- Gain clarity and focus to move you forward in your business FAST

- Ignite your passion and bring it to the world in an actionable way

What you get in this VIP Package;







- 6 hours worth of 1-1 individual online session time to use however you wish!

-1 x BONUS 30-minute empowerment booster available if and when you need!

- Unlimited access to me during the month for supercharging your confidence and self-belief on chat and voice notes.

- Accountability, motivation and working through blocks and resistance in REAL time AS they arise!

- Access to intimate focused online group with other like-minded women on the same path for encouragement, connection and growth. TEAM effort!

- Get my FULL attention for the month to get you the results- whatever it takes!

-I only take on 5 women each month so I can deep-dive with you and lead you on your specific journey.

- Expect to be one half a team of two in propelling you forward in creating the life you deserve

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