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Technology....the introverts best friend in healing

Technology gets a bad rep.

From people encouraging less screen time, to commenting on negativity on social media. And I get it! If you aren't careful, tech can lead to negative places.

However, for an introvert/ empathic or sensitive person who's suffering with anxiety - technology is a safe and easy route to receiving healing, learning about themselves and feeling better quickly without having to add more stress to access it.

Let me explain, so you are often feeling overwhelmed? Stressed, burnt out, anxious, tired, and low energy.

You really want to access something that will help you feel better long term and give you the tools to let go, to find more peace and to finally get back to feeling like yourself again, right?

But to access the usual offerings and therapies you might have to drive to a knew location, follow the sat-nav, find parking, meet a new person face to face, rush around from one place to the next to an appointment, find care for your kids, and then make your way home after a session.

And if it's a group setting - that comes with a whole host of possible reasons why you'd rather hide in your duvet!

You get the gist don't you!? Many of us just don't have the extra energy to be doing all that when we are already putting so much energy into coping and keeping our heads above water.

I know - because this was me - 8 years ago. I was having regular panic attacks, and dealing with crippling anxiety and overwhelm. I was forcing myself to go to work, even though I felt dread at having to put on a happy face and I was exhausted.

The thought of making my way to a new environment, sitting in an unfamiliar place with a new person, adding in an extra thing "to do" just made me feel more overwhelmed and I put it off....for a LONG time, and continued to struggle.

Until I was introduced to a wonderful woman who said "hey,no problem! You stay in your comfy clothes at home, hop online with me and we will do it together that way. You don't even need to prepare anything at all, just make sure you are comfy"

And that was the beginning of the rest of my life. I have been accessing amazing transnational work, support, healing and self care that way ever since. If I had have known it could be so easy, not intimidating and actually fun......I would have done it years earlier.

That's why it is my favourite way to work with other women now! We don't have to live anywhere near eachother for me to be able to help them, much in the same way that my first ever practitioner helped me.

There's no clinical office like setting to contend with, no driving to and from - or public transport. And I can be super flexible in booking sessions when it's right for you, rather than just "office hours". And if you are sleepy or reflective afterwards, you can simply have a nap or a bath and be gentle with yourself.

So yes, technology gets a bad rep sometimes. But it changed my life, and for sensitive, empathetic wonderful women, for who which the world is already too much, too loud, too fast......getting online is a beautiful way to do it that feels easy, gentle and accessible.

For me too! As someone who understands, I also enjoy having a cuppa, being cosy and connecting with someone, sharing my magic, and helping them to create the life they want free of anxiety and low-self worth, through EFT, Hypnotherapy and NLP.

If this sounds up your street, and you know you are ready to do something good for yourself, so you feel free to live life on your terms, feeling the way you wish to feel, not trapped or run by anxiety - then either join in on one of my women's circles online, or book in your free online chat session for 1-1 with me: )

Next online women's circle Weds 29th Jan 7pm! - book through website on events section at www.kirstymarieelliott.com

or email me with any questions at kirstymarieelliott@hotmail.co.uk

Have a wonderful day


Love Kirsty x

Kirsty Elliott

Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner and Women's Circle Facilitator

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