• Kirsty Marie Elliott

How To Super-Charge Your Self-Esteem

Nothing is more important than the way you think and feel about yourself. Nothing.

Does your Self-Esteem need a giant turbo super boost!?

The benefits of spending some attention on energising your sense of self worth are huge;

- Less Self-Sabotage

-More Inner Peace

-Be More Attractive In Any Social Relationship

-Feel More Happy

-Life Gets Easier and Happier

How do you know if your Self-Esteem is lacking some power? Do these ring a bell?

- Social Anxiety

- Comfort Eating

-Feeling "Not Good Enough"

-Negative Inner Voice

-Worrying What Others Think

- Not Trusting Your Own Opinions

- Not Looking After Yourself

- Feeling Depressed or Sad

- Lack Of Self Confidence

So a few on that list resonate with you? But how can you give these naughty niggles a plug in to some self love??

Try these;

1. LISTEN to that inner voice of yours. Is it your best friend or a nasty bully? Try sitting quietly for a moment to watch your thoughts and see if they are negative and unhelpful. This "voice" is with you all day - so if it's not your best friend and biggest fan, then it needs to change! Once you notice, you can choose.

2. LOOK AFTER YOURSELF! Are you sleeping well? Eating well? Taking enough time out for you? The best way to raise your Self-Esteem is to take care of you, make yourself the priority wherever and however you can. Look after your body, rest when you need to and find small ways to be kind to your body, mind and soul. Have a nice bath and have a lie in!

3. BOUNDARIES. Do you say yes when you really mean NO? Do you allow people to treat you in ways you'd never allow for others? Try being HONEST. If you don't like something, say so. If you have a need or want, express it. You can't love yourself truly when you are honest about what you need and deserve in all areas of your life.

4. APPRECIATE yourself. Write a list of three things at the end of every day no matter how small, of something you achieved, enjoyed or are proud of. It could be feeling good in the outfit you wore today, making a healthier lunch choice, taking the time out to phone that long distance friend. Anything at all, write it down and read it back to yourself.

5. POSITIVE PEOPLE. Spend time with people that cheer you on, that lift you up and congratulate you on your successes. People who make your light shine brighter. Destructive people have no place in your world when you choose the high self worth route :D.

These are a great start on your journey to self worth and ultimately more happiness, but I know limiting beliefs and self doubts can be deep rooted. Which is why I love my work. Helping people find the root cause of what makes their light a little dimmer, we let go of that and the whole world brightens up and the possibilities come flooding in. Are you ready to love yourself, truly?

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