• Kirsty Elliott

Could a Tapping group change your life?

Are you waiting for something to happen? Something to inspire you, to kick start your life onto its true path, to make you feel alive?

I am going to tell you what a tapping group is, and how it could change your life, in a very positive and beautiful way.

Emotional Freedom Technique - shortened to EFT and also known as "Tapping" is a powerful tool....many call it a gift. And when used in a group setting, is even more profound. We simply tune into an issue, uncomfortable feeling or something we want to change, and tap on points on our body, the end of Meridian lines, this is an energy system within our body. We can quickly let go of limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, self sabotaging behaviors and whatever is holding us back. Finding clarity, through shifts in our thought process and finding deep relaxation and a new outlook, new possibilities.

To do this in a group is amazing for many reasons:

1. Its affordable! To work one on one with a practitioner is beneficial to go deeper into problems, to really get to the root cause and get specific to your needs,however it is more pricey. A group is a cheaper way to learn this tool and experience it!

2. To do this kind of work surrounded by others all with good and healing intention can be powerful and accelerates healing and a sense of deep connection and support. Find like minded people and know you are never alone in your quest for happiness!

3. Once you learn where to tap and how to use this simple technique, it is yours forever and you can use this in all areas of your life, every day if you want to! Tap down the intensity of pain, emotional discomfort, stress, worry, over eating, fears, phobias, cravings, overwhelm. You name it, and you can tap to dissolve it!

4. This is a gift you can give yourself, but also your friends and family...teach your children how to tap to understand their feelings better, and have a way to deal with whatever comes their way!

5. Unstick yourself from your limiting beliefs.....whatever it is you want in life but don't believe you can have, achieve or deserve...use tapping to conquer all your fears and fly upwards living the life you want and deserve.

Join my Meetup group by clicking this link so you can always see upcoming events near you!


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