• Kirsty Elliott

My Journey to self-worth with EFT

None of us truly want to feel pain. None of us want to lead lives filled with chronic illness, lingering anxieties and limiting self beliefs.

Deep down we all just want to be happy, right?

We want to be able to look back on the lives we have led and know, deeply that we lived up to our potential, did everything we wanted to do and found happiness in all the right places.

Knowing that is the easy part. Getting there is a different story for many of us. We all have things that we really want to let go of or change. Things that we know are damaging to us and yet we can't seem to let them go or stop doing them. Eating too much bad food, because it makes us feel better short term but creates self loathing later. Drinking too much on the weekends, to just let go for a short period of time and shut out the incessant over-thinking, before it all starts again. Going around in circles in the same negative relationship patterns, you know you are somehow attracting them over and over, but you just don't know how to stop. What I am talking about is actually aspects of my story. But I know, if you are reading this you probably relate to some of it. Because the truth is, we all want to be happy but we all have things that hold us back.

I tried many different things in trying to make changes, so I could feel happier, more free, more relaxed and generally avoid the feelings I didn't want. Feelings of being lost, not belonging, not being good enough, not being sure what I was doing in life, feeling lonely and vulnerable. Running off to far away lands for long periods of time, not realising I would just be taking myself and my problems with me to be faced another day. Keeping myself so busy, and so surrounded by people, and "fun", with drinks and food. Any distraction at all, often leading me to feel completely burnt out, exhausted and wondering what my identity really even was.

Coming to a complete crash and burn when my body couldn't cope any more, when I was tired of running and needed to stop and have a good look. I found healing festivals, meditation, crystals, mindfulness, self help books. They are all wonderful and an amazing tool to feel better day to day, creating self awareness and self kindness. But they didn't help me to understand why I was dealing with these troublesome problems in the first place. By this point I had triggered Irritable Bowel syndrome - the doctors had no help to offer. Because this was my body shouting at me, to stop and listen, stop ignoring myself and what was really going on for me. I could barely eat, I couldn't sleep because of the gnawing pain and I became so uncomfortable in my body. Other people might have chronic insomnia, headaches, nausea, arthritis, eczema, fibromalgia, tiredness, aching muscles and chronic pain. All of these left unhelped for the most part by common medicine - because these are messages from your subconscious. Your body expresses the emotional pain you can't face up to. What we have stuffed deep down because it is uncomfortable.

Emotional Freedom Technique and matrix re-imprinting is the only therapy technique I have come across personally, which cuts straight to the truth of ourselves. It is a practical, simple and effective tool that can be done anytime, anywhere without any equipment and the most basic of knowledge. But it goes direct to the subconscious, where all your limiting beliefs, self doubts, origins of chronic pain and difficult memories live. And tapping literally re-wires the brain out of these habits and dysfunctional cycles. When we tap on the points, and tune in to a particular problem, it has a long lasting and often permanent positive and neutralising effect. And that's just the EFT. Matrix Reimprinting goes one step further- when a difficult memory comes up we can actually go into that, reduce all the emotional intensity, create new beliefs and positive experiences. The brain doesn't know the difference between real and imagined. Just like our bodies respond the same way to stress whether it's a tiger in front of us or the thought of public speaking. We have the power through this tool to change our knee-jerk responses which has life changing results.

EFT and Matrix has had such a profound effect on my life that I feel absolutely compelled to share it with the world. I have never been more passionate about anything in my life.

Since I started my journey with EFT, with the help of some wonderful practitioners, who worked with me online,I now have hope for a bright future for myself. I can feel, comfortably that I will be happy and successful and have everything that I want, and achieve anything I want. Because I've let go of all the untrue, damaging beliefs about myself and the world, through EFT work, the beliefs I created when I was a child, because of experiences I had. I didn't even know I was running these stories subconsciously in my mind all this time,because to me it was just the truth and all I knew. That's what was running the show. Making me feel so down and lost, and anxious and physically ill.

I feel so lucky to have found a way to easily change all this. It's a tool for life. And "energy psychology is the medicine of our future."- Lynne McTaggart.

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