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Magic Meditation

Meditation - the key to your peace

What is Meditation? And why do I want to share it with you?

Meditation is, at it's simplest form a way for you to still the mind. A tool we can use to find a sense of peace and calm, a way to hear our true inner voice and gain perspective and clarity on situations, feelings, and issues that cause us pain or discomfort. When we can still the body, and calm the mind, we get a rare opportunity to see our thoughts from a distance, to practice the very valuable skill of noticing our thoughts and feelings without attaching to them, feeling like we have to react or letting them cause us distress.

I have seen a profound change in the quality of my life, since finding the simple act of "meditating". It can be done anywhere, at any moment and in any given situation, because it is simply following your breath, noticing your thoughts and feelings without judgment and being still. It is a beautiful experience and it's an act of self kindness to give yourself the opportunity to find this peace. Although for many, it is not easy to begin with. Our minds are so used to being able to run the show, and we are so used to the never ending inner chatter that it can seem loud and difficult to calm. Which is why I am offering introduction to meditation sessions and a space for people to come and explore this with me, because many people feel it is helpful to be guided and to be in a held space whilst they learn, explore and find the benefits of this wonderful practise. It can also bring up challenging feelings and thoughts, when you first begin to re connect with your authentic self, so I offer a safe space, and a listening ear for those moments.

More and more, I am seeing that my clients come for Holistic therapies and feel wonderful after a Massage or a Reflexology. But they still need something deeper, a way to love themselves and grow and cope once they leave my treatment room. I don't want to hold anything back, I want to share with others, the ways I have found to cope with whatever life throws at us. I want to inspire and hold space and really truly help people find the tools they have within them to be happier, more fulfilled, more authentic and leading they life they want, feeling the way they want to feel. If you need more meaning in your life, if you want to wake up feeling like you've got everything you need to be ok and succeed in a happy and calm day- then let's go on this journey together. There is nothing more important than your connection with yourself.

The session will be tailored to your needs, we will start with talking and sharing, we begin with shorter and simple meditations and there will be the opportunity to explore anything that comes up. This can be added to other holistic treatments or done as a stand alone therapy.

I look forward to meeting you :)

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