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New therapies and New Zen space!

I am so excited about my pride and joy and labour of love - Energy Holistics!

My passion in life is finding health and wellbeing for myself, and helping others to do the same. I enjoy creating safe, relaxing and welcoming spaces for people to come and take a time out from busy lives, and find some peaceful relaxation, because everybody deserves that. So I am delighted that as of this week, I have opened up an online booking system here on the website, so that people can easily book their time for rejuvenation at my new at home therapy space, just off Street Lane, North Leeds. You can enjoy a number of therapies, including Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Aroma Facials, Reiki and Deep tissue Massage. I will have candles and incense burning, low lighting, beautiful music and bespoke oils. All of the mindful elements that help create a zen space, plus my attention to creating a treatment that is right for every individual. I always take time to give my clients tailored after care advice so they can go away and feel they are better equipped to focus on self care and encourage their well being.

I have been uploading regular vlogs on my FB happy community group - Heal-Grow-Thrive-Wordlwide which you are welcome to join. You can also subscribe to my youtube channel using the button on the website homepage for regular motivation and inspiration!

Another exciting chapter is that, in September I will be training in Emotional Freedom Technique or "Tapping" which is a transformational emotional tool which can bring about real change, rapidly in breaking difficult cycles of bad habits. Great for really getting to the root of, and letting go of anxieties, fears, depressions and difficult habits like over eating and chronic pain as well as coping with stress, personal limiting beliefs and low self esteem. I have been on a profound journey myself of finding my confidence and self love again through using Emotional freedom Technique, which has led me to being here right now speaking to you with self confidence and happiness! And now I am ready to share that with others.

If you are reading this, then it means you are ready to take your health, happiness and life into your own hands once and for all, and come on this healing journey with me!

So, check out the booking online feature, join my FB group and subscribe to the youtube channel to never miss all the support, love, info, advice and motivation I will be putting your way!

Sending Joy,

Kirsty Elliott

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