So, you walked out of every job you ever had

You would rather claw your own eyes out than small talk for an hour

Your dress sense is unique and you couldn't give a crap about trends

Authority and hierarchy structures and having a boss just does not work for you. AT. ALL.

You really struggle to pretend, when you're not truly passionate about something

In fact, just meeting the seemingly "normal" expectations of others/ society takes all your energy

You are direct and honest, you can not help it. Get's you into bother sometimes 

You need alone time to re-charge like you need air to breathe 

Researching your new passions until you know everything there is to know brings you joy. You LOVE learning.
Being interrupted mid-flow is almost painful for you. The world can feel noisy and harsh when you're trying to concentrate 

You've always had an existential edge, one foot in the realms of magic and fantasy......but you don't talk about it so much, because people tend not to understand 

Working on someone else's time schedule or having to "be" certain things at certain times suffocates you 

You have probably leaned on drugs and/or booze in the past to numb, cope or deal with feeling so different
You tried so hard to fit for a long time, but it exhausted you, burnt you out and didn't bring you happiness

You are done with that now

So you know what you don't want clear as day

But what about what you DO want?

Let me tell you, you won't find "it"

You must create it

You must come out as the real you

And create your unique business and life the way you want it to be 

A way that nourishes YOU and brings YOU joy no matter what everyone else is doing, or anyone else's expectations 

This is not preference, this is survival for our kind 

I have a brand new hypnotic package for you

For the rebels, the misfits, the lone wolves, the sensitive people, the free spirits 

Ready to leave that job

Take that scary leap

Come out as the real you 

Live in the fucking campervan 

Move to that country 

Be the nomad

or find that quiet solitary spot of exquisite peace 

Start your own creative business 

Create the freedom to choose, to be your own boss, to make your own rules 

It all starts with you. Coming out. Letting go of what others think.

We have been conditioned to believe we still need permission.

That we can't leap before we know what we will do 

That fitting in and being accepted is most important 

My magic accesses your subconscious to de-programme all those beliefs that keep you trapped 

I help you use NEW symbolism and create the path for you - 

abundance comes in the form of money, free time and excitement for your creativity when you can give yourself permission at a deep level to enter the unknown of what is possible for you when you own your weirdness and run with it 

To re-claim all of those parts of you, desperate to come out to play that you shoved away long ago when you realised the world is unkind to those who are different 

It is your time now, and you know it

I know you feel that pull to unleash 

I know you feel that call to come out and stop hiding 

I know deep down you're done with pretending to be someone else 

Over a series of 1-1 hypnotic sessions I will take you on a deep journey of life-changing self discovery to access the confidence, creative power and magic you need, to finally stop battling with yourself over who you are 

Pm me to connect or book yourself in for a free phone to chat to see if we are a match x

Love, Kirsty x