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Kirsty Marie Elliott - Coach & Mentor To



Qualifications and Tools;


~ Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

~ Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

~ Matrix Re-imprinting & Inner Child Healing

Do you have success in some areas of your life already.... the financial security, the business/career, stability and independence?

But there’s something missing in your life?

You just don’t get it ... you know you’re a catch..with SO much to offer

And yet your experiences with men are leaving you feeling less than riveted
Sometimes you wonder if men are just intimidated by you

You’ve spent SO long and so much of your energy, striving and achieving that now you’re left wondering ... is this it?

All this success feels somehow empty without someone to share life with?
You find yourself wondering “where are all the good men?”

You have a sneaky suspicion deep down that you have some blocks to intimacy, some resistance to softening, and letting someone in

You’ve become so used to being miss-independent doing it all on her own
You’re perhaps .... burnt out and tired...

yearning, longing and dreaming of re-awakening your softer and more sensual side

Maybe your body is letting you know that it’s feeling ignored, when you spend so much time in your head, with chronic fatigue or pain

Do you find yourself “mothering” men or “fixing/healing” them when really you want to be led?

The ones you’re attracted to don’t seem to feel the same way.... or the ones who show interest in you seem to be feminine or even submissive types? And that’s not what you want

If you struggle to let go of control even when you want to, it’s ok you’re not alone
If you’re ready to see some of your blindspots...

Some of the places in which you are wearing invisible armour ...

To see what’s happening for you subconsciously - in your beliefs and energy field that’s preventing you from having what you deep down want - you’re in the right place

If you’re not ready to give up just yet, even though you are frustrated and you’re also not willing to settle

Join us

You may not even truly know what you want, desire and need anymore - if you’ve spent so long striving and working to feel safe and secure and provided for - maybe you’ve lost touch with the true desires of your feminine heart?

It’s my mission to help women get back to what makes them happy and give them an Eros- filled life where their desires and needs are met

See you inside

Love, Kirsty x 


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