Group Healing Workshops - Leeds

Regular women's groups/ healing circles and Tapping events, classes and workshops held in various locations in Leeds! 


Booking is essential, please join our Meetup group to book by clicking the button

"A women's healing circle - a chance for us to come together as women, share a cup of tea, openly speak about and discuss our challenges without judgment. Learn tools and ways of letting go of what doesn't serve us anymore, and moving forwards towards positive change in our lives. I will often teach the group EFT tapping and lead intention setting, visualisation, mindfulness, and hypnotic journeying with a focus on relaxation, releasing stress and anxiety, raising self-esteem, self-awareness and connecting with each other.


About me - I empower women to feel free and express their truth. I bring women together in community to provide a safe, brave and creative space for self-expression, honesty, and shifting towards change from an inspired and empowered place. I've worked with hundreds and hundreds of women over the years through 1-1 sessions, group circles and workshops and online courses. I am confident and passionate in holding these spaces where every part of yourself is welcome to show up! Learn more about my work here -


Gratitude - when we learn to focus on the positive and give our attention to what we are grateful for, we can powerfully shift our state for my joy, peace and happiness.

Honesty - there is nothing more draining than hiding parts of our true selves! So exhausting wearing "masks" all day to fit in or be accepted. I'll inspire you to take off that mask

Intention - as women we have a very powerful magic in using our intention to create the lives we want. Let's manifest what we DO want by using our thoughts, feelings, energy and attention. Otherwise, we bring in more of what we DON'T want!

Clearing - we will use techniques and tools to clear and release old systems and beliefs that are keeping us stuck

Tools- practical ways of having more choice, freedom, control, and power of our emotions, thoughts, feelings and experience in life

Sacred Space- using ritual and creating a sacred space has such a potent impact on aiding us to co-create something magical and beautiful - a break away from all the responsibilities and pressures so many women carry today by spinning ll those plates at once!


This event will take place every month providing you with a regular anchor to use to consciously bring in all of the above transformations! 

Upcoming Dates:

Weds 27th Nov 2019 - 7-9pm A women's Healing Circle @ My Place Ls8 £10(Held every other Wednesday!)

Jan 05th - 1.30-3pm A women's Healing Circle @ Om Yoga Works Farsley, Leeds £18