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Where does our sense of self worth come from? How does it come to be that some people feel safe and confident, yet others feel anxious and not good enough?


Are some people just "better" than others? Absolutely not.


The short answer is that when we are young, our experiences shape our view of the world and ourselves. It all gets logged in our subconscious.....our beliefs become part of our nature, not easily accessible in the forefront of our conscious minds. So even with all the will power in the world, and as many positive affirmations as you can shake a stick at, unless you work with the subconscious part of the brain, where all our experiences, beliefes, traumas, fears etc live,then real changes won't easily be made.


This is where Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting comes in to save the day. This is honestly a huge gift to people like you and me who really want to be happy and need a way of changing our mind sets. It gives us a straight line into that part of our being, so that we can start to choose from now on how we want to feel and reshape the way we feel about ourselves, and how we react and respond to our lives.


If you grew up in a chaotic childhood environment, if you experienced loss or abandonment. If you were bullied, found it hard to make friends, learnt that it wasn't safe to be yourself or felt unsafe in any way physically or emotionally as a child, we need to go back using these gently and uplifting techniques to change the decisions you made as a child, so you can let go of the programmes  that you are still running in your life now that are out of date and holding you back. It's amazing how light, free and different people feel after doing this work with me. People's faces visibly change and soften.



What is EFT?


Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as ’Tapping’ is a very simple and powerfully effective technique. Tapping literally calms the brain and body down, bringing it back to its natural state. It helps to rewire the brain by removing negative emotions that are attached to old memories stored within our belief system.

This is an effective self-help tool.


By tapping on meridian points while talking through the issue, it can help with anything such as managing stress/anxiety, pain relief, removing and releasing old limiting beliefs and eliminating cravings and phobias.


This technique has been scientifically proven and those experiencing EFT within a session will be able to go away and use EFT for themselves. 


Group events ~ Go to the events page, to see how you can experience this in a supportive group setting!


1-2-1 sessions ~ In a one to one coaching session with me, you can expect to go deeper into an issue, to really get to the root of it safely, easily and gently in order to let it go and move on from it. Whether it's past events or trauma, low self-esteem, panic attacks, chronic anxiety, relationship problems or anything else that holds you back in life- stops you from living your happiest days, I will use my training and techniques with you to effectively release these patterns and be uplifted to new positive possibilities. 


Online sessions ~ This is the future! You will barely notice there is a screen between us- some of my most profound and successful client sessions have been online. You can be anywhere, making this an accessible and comfortable way to experience the magic of Tapping.



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