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How would your life change if you didn’t feel disheartened every time something didn’t work??

You know that feeling when you’ve written an ACE post (if you do say so yourself ) and you think YASS this post is awesome!....

And then....... CRICKETS

And after a while of looking at it, you decide no- one cares and go off in a huff like


“Why do I even BOTHER?”


- “All this time I put into writing posts and no one even comments”

- “All this time I spend on discovery calls “helping” people and no one invests”

- All this time I spend on my group and no one engaged or joins in the stuff”



Ok so it’s kind of funny when I put it like this, and we’ve ALL been there!!!

We have all felt this hilarious inner scenario play out, maybe even daily!!!!’


But the thing is, it’s not so hilarious when you then feel depleted and de-motivated and not inspired to share your magic anymore


It’s not so hildarious when you feel you’re trying your best and no getting paid for it


It’s not so funny when it’s the difference between you rocking it in your soul led business or

giving up and going back to a dreaded dare I say it...... JOB


So, don’t worry

There’s a solution


It starts with looking at the hard truth about entitlement

Nobody wants to see that they feel entitled to


- clients

- attention

- thriving community

- abundance


....Just because they try hard, just because they did a thing once, just because they want it


Nobody wants to acknowledge that part of you (and me!) that likes to have a tantrum when things don’t go exactly as we’d planned


We prefer to put it outside of us like;


“People just won’t invest in their growth it’s so frustrating”

“People just aren’t ready for what I’m putting out there that’s it”


“People just can’t afford it right now, it’s not because I haven’t hit the nail on the head with my messaging”


“I’m just too powerful for them, they just aren’t ready for MY magic”



So the fun is, when you have someone on your team who can happily point out these little blind spots we don’t like to see on our own (like me! :)) then we can -


Laugh at these shadows!

We can see it for what it is


We can decide to take a different action instead of pouting and get a different result


If something doesn’t land the way we want to, we can enjoy the pout for a moment but then

take FULL responsibility and find a way that DOES work -instead of blaming our followers and not creating what we want and getting more and more frustrated


This is no simple task to do alone - we can’t eve SEE these patterns until we - well see them often pointed out by someone who’s on your side, wants to see you succeed, and is therefore happy to say the hard truths!


So- how would your business change DRASTICALLY if you could laugh at your limiting beliefs, not take everything so damn personally, and just do the inner work to change how it all feels in the real world?


Ps this is a GREAT post so if you don’t all like, comment, buy shit, and praise me - I’m going to sulk in a corner haha

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