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What to expect?

A Discovery call is for those who are interested in having 1-1 sessions with me, it's a chance for us to find out if we are a good match.


The connection is most important to me - if we are in alignment with each-other and the energy fits, then great! I am not the type of person who works with anyone who will buy a package.

To me, this is a relationship like any other.

Together we will be co-creating your future.

I am VERY passionate about my work .... this is what I do full time, it is my life's work and is ever evolving. This is no part time hobby!


And it is important to me that I work with soul-aligned clients, where we have beautiful, mutual respect for each-other and the outcome is born out of both people coming together to weave magick through the wonders of hypnosis, nlp, tapping and more.


OPTION 1 - Hypnotherapy/ Hypno-Coaching Session- £80


OPTION 2 - Package of 4 -  Sessions - £300 (save £20)

OPTION 3 - Join my small intimate membership - The Witchy Inner Circle for £99 a month including ~

- A 1-1 session with me per month

- Our monthly witchy women's circles (small, intimate, connected, no more than 10 women)

- Private fb group with monthly intuitive transmissions 

- Initial 6 month commitment 

(all online)