Ladies, if you are so READY to make the unconscious conscious...and change your lived experience with Men, and the Masculine and Love once and for all.....there are 3 main portals to work with me

Depending on what kind of experience you wish to have ...the choice is yours ❤️

1) The Witchy Inner circle monthly membership

A group of like minded women, creating alchemical change in their lives from within....as within so without

• Fb group - community and connection with other witchy women who KNOW they are creating each and every experience and take responsibility for what they want and desire in this life time....with fun, laughter, playfulness and a little gleam in their eye
• A 1-1 session with me monthly - subconscious work on whatever you choose, to shift your reality
• A group call every month - spotlight coaching and women's circle for ultimate magic
• Access to a host of potent recordings of past transmissions and a new live one every month to support you in your journey!

WHO is this for? Women who want to be around other women doing the inner-work and understand how the laws of nature work 

Women who want a hybrid of group and 1-1 connection, an anchor, a place to belong and a place to feel, seen and heard- an affordable option, that doesn't add too much stress or pressure with time commitment and blends nicely with your life 

£99 monthly and a 6 month commitment 

REVIEW- Inner circle  -Danielle 

"I am totally loving being a member of Kirsty’s inner circle! 
The 1-2-1 sessions are literally the highlight of my month and then the fortnightly live transmission/ women’s circles feel like an extra added bonus! 
So wonderful to be journeying this kinky experience of life with other witches! 
I am ALWAYS singing praises of Kirsty’s and how amazing she is to friends. 
To have her on-the-regularl for 6 months at a time is epic!! 
Actually can’t imagine my life without this now. I am getting more and more turned on by my experience of life with each and every interaction with Kirsty. And I LOVE IT!!

2. Package of 4 - 1-1 sessions (you have two months to use them)

You pick your focus each time! This is deep and subconscious work to re-wire you from the inside out. Some of the areas we can work on -

• Masculine and Feminine energy
• Inner child work 
• removing limiting beliefs blocking you from intimacy and love
• Embodiment - regulating your nervous system to be calm, playful and grounded.....so you can be less reactive/triggered around men, the masculine, dating and within relationships
• Coming home to, accessing, loving and honouring your feminine nature 
• Addressing burn out, perfectionsim. Setting boundaries. Learning how to say no. Sovereignty and knowing yourself deeply
• Knowing what you want and how to communicate it, releasing confusion and anchoring high self worth
• Letting go of the need to be in control, dissolving "hard shells" and barriers, releasing resentment and anger/ fear / dis trust

And more...
"I honestly feel as though I've grown up into a new maturity. You've seen it all and brought it out of me.
Even after ALL the therapy I've had, nothing and no-one has impacted me this much
" - Roz 

3. My high-level Signature 1-1 private mentorship programme called "IMMERSION"

This is the "Top shelf whiskey"

For those few women who want a totally life changing experience. 

The ones who want to be exquisitely HELD through their transformative experience 

Those who desire to have the luxury of a deep, connected and totally immersive experience that is bespoke and utterly tailored to them 

To be in my energy field from start to finish, and co-creating a journey into what's possible for you ....no room here to wriggle away, avoid, distract yourself, run away or hide from what you truly want ....in this experience....I've got you ....whether you "like it" or not 

For some.....that will freak you out and make you want to run a mile....but for those who this is for.... it will be a CALL to your devotional nature

This is for those who just LOVE intensity....and find it so yummy and all-encompassing and delicious....you know who you are 

- 3 months
- Weekly deep dive sessions (12 in total)
- My complete suite of signature online trainings - 
- including shadow work for intimacy, Archetypes for sovereignty, activating your LOVER archetype, invoking your magic in Love and releasing people pleasing tendencies. Setting healthy boundaries with men and releasing patterns of toxicity and co-dependency, 

- Embodiment and nervous system regulation and SO much more

- 24/7 access to me in voxer/whats app ....voice notes, texts, memes, gifs...for connection, integration and real-time alchemy and shifitng 

- Book/ resource/ practical reccomendations,bespoke to your unique journey

This is for those of you who want to be swept up and taken on the ride of your life into your next evolution of self and Feminine potency....and want to do this FULLY and NOW

£3000 investment (payment plan available)

Book a free discovery call with me to explore which of my portals may be right for you and please indicate on your booking form which of my offers most interests you 


" Seriously, If I could keep Kirsty as my coach for the next few years I would do it in a heartbeat.
When I first saw Kirsty's social media pages, I was un-expectedly drawn to her 
I started following her posts - and every word seemed to call to my heart, mind, and soul
It was almost as if she knew me deeply without actually knowing me 
I signed up to a few months coaching with Kirsty and her ability to tune into what I need has blown my mind each time 

I was ready to go deep into myself to clear some long term blockages and Kirsty took me on many a wild and space clearing  journey through hypnotic techniques 
You wouldn't believe the stuff that comes up

Throughout i felt safe, loved and nurtured and I've definitely come away with with more of the person I want to be 

If you are drawn to Kirsty, and considering her coaching then I say - go for it. 
Her skill, intuition, compassion and knowledge won't let you down"
- Nina

Discovery call - Click "Calendar" button below 

All My love Kirsty x