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Before I found Hypnotherapy and EFT I would have NEVER thought I’d be living happily alcohol-free (it’s been 3 years now that I’ve been mostly alcohol-free 🤩)

And free from binge eating 

I used to take EVERY quick fix I could find 
Whether it was coffee ☕️, sugar 🍬, or booze🍷 

All I knew was - I wanted to feel good! I wanted to feel better, I wanted to feel happy 
But in the long run, leaning on all of those substances did NOT lead to me feeling happy, good and better 

My first wake up call came in my early twenties when I ended up in hospital having a camera shoved into my stomach 

I’d been having severe tummy pain for a long time 

I even had to cut short a year-long trip to South Korea where I was teaching to come home and get medical care 

It was getting to the point where I was struggling to eat because I just felt so ill 🤢 

Low mood and anxiety 
Symptoms of IBS

That was the BEGINNING of the END of me using and abusing anything I could get my hands on, to “feel better”

To be honest, what was more important was understanding the mind-body connection 
95% of our happy hormones serotonin is produced in the GUT! Did you know that?

How happy and healthy our gut is, has a DIRECT affect on our mood and mental health
Once I began to understand that I needed to heal the reasons WHY I was hurting myself by consuming the wrong things and self-medicating (Anxiety, unresolved trauma, lonliness, low self esteem)

THEN I could truly make the long lasting change and feel the amazing benefits in my life 
This also requires me to stop “hiding” in crash diets, and pushy exercise regimens and “diet supplements”...... all of those things were just me avoiding the true issues 

And therefore I couldn’t feel TRULY better and in control until I was willing to face my “stuff” which is what EFT and Hypno lovingly and practically helped me do!
The two main things that impact our gut health AND our mental health is -

1. Stress levels 
2. What we consume 

So, a part of the magic of healing and transformation for me is GIVING BACK
Which is why I LOVE to share the tools that helped me get here 

Over the last ten years my relationship to myself, my body and my ways of dealing with stress and what I choose to feed my body is UNRECOGNISABLE 

Once I experienced the power of my own mind and intention, to empower myself with new CHOICE

Then I was on a roll! 

I realised how much coffee was negatively impacting my energy and my ability to feel ok sustainably throughout the day 

And by using the tools that I now teach to my clients- I was able to say NO to that too and choose alternatives that make me feel truly alive, not the “fake alive” coffee would give 
I love to guide and teach and help people feel empowered to take radical responsibility for what they consume AND create wellness and emotional balance so that stress doesn’t play havoc!

SO, with that said!

I’m run practical online workshops for cravings with a whole range of hypnotic tools to help re-wire your choices!
I also offer 1-1 packages with Hypnotherapy, EFT tapping and coaching
Featuring Hypnotic Mind Hacks 🧠 

To get you feeling back in control of your eating!

A craving isn’t just a thought 
It’s a thought, a feeling, a sensation, a compulsion 

Just trying to “willpower” your way through that is not enough!

We always cave eventually 

ENTER..... the power of Hypnosis 

My sessions utilise some simple yet potent mind hacks to access your subconscious mind 

Re-wiring at the DEEPER level is where the magic happens!

Not only will you have an interesting and illuminating experience during the workshop itself,
You’ll also have tools I’ve embedded for you to use as “Self Hypnosis” tools in your daily life 

Benefits of using Hypnotic Techniques to curb your cravings and mind-hack your eating habits -

⭐️ Have a practical way to to reduce the sensation of “craving” in the moment 
⭐️ Reduce some of the feelings and stressors that cause the compulsion to self soothe through eating in the first place...
⭐️ Re-wire some of your subconscious beliefs that “eating makes me feel better” and “food soothes me”....... and replace them with more empowered ones!
⭐️ Let go of your attachment to food as a coping strategy by creating NEW hypnotic strategies 

Working with Hypnotic techniques could allow you to experience-
🌿 Eating more healthily 
🌿 Feeling more energised and vibrant 
🌿Feeling empowered and more in control around your food choices 
🌿 Feeling confident and happy moving towards the shape and size that your body natural wants to be when it’s healthy and happy!
🌿 And connect to your body’s full signals, and connect to your body wisdom about what to eat, when and how much - INTUITIVELY!

2. Package of 4 - 1-1 sessions (you have two months to use them)

You pick your focus each time! This is deep and subconscious work to re-wire you from the inside out. Some of the areas we can work on -

• increase motivation
- Dissolve cravings
- Gain control over eating
• Inner child work 
• removing limiting beliefs causing you to self sabotage
• Embodiment - regulating your nervous system to be calm, healing from trauma
• installing new, healthy habits
• Addressing burn out, perfectionism. Setting boundaries. Learning how to say no. Sovereignty and knowing yourself deeply
• Knowing what you want and how to communicate it, releasing confusion and anchoring high self worth
• Letting go of the need to be in control, dissolving "hard shells" and barriers, releasing resentment and anger/ fear / dis trust

And more...
"I honestly feel as though I've grown up into a new maturity. You've seen it all and brought it out of me.
Even after ALL the therapy I've had, nothing and no-one has impacted me this much
" - Roz 


" Seriously, If I could keep Kirsty as my coach for the next few years I would do it in a heartbeat.
When I first saw Kirsty's social media pages, I was un-expectedly drawn to her 
I started following her posts - and every word seemed to call to my heart, mind, and soul
It was almost as if she knew me deeply without actually knowing me 
I signed up to a few months coaching with Kirsty and her ability to tune into what I need has blown my mind each time 

I was ready to go deep into myself to clear some long term blockages and Kirsty took me on many a wild and space clearing  journey through hypnotic techniques 
You wouldn't believe the stuff that comes up

Throughout i felt safe, loved and nurtured and I've definitely come away with with more of the person I want to be 

If you are drawn to Kirsty, and considering her coaching then I say - go for it. 
Her skill, intuition, compassion and knowledge won't let you down"
- Nina

Book your initial consultation call - Click "Calendar" button below 

All My love Kirsty x

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