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The Group Online Programme for badass coaches who are ready to thrive ......... presenting ..



🖤 Work SMARTER not harder
🖤 Thrive instead of just surviving
🖤 CREATE the business and lifestyle you ACTUALLY desire without guilt and shame
🖤Step out of victim consciousness and blocks around being successful, earning money and living your truth
🖤Give yourself FULL and FINAL permission to be the CEO of your kingdom
🖤Work from your intuition
🖤Create real Magick in your life
🖤De-programme yourself out of fear, lack and money shadows
🖤Get CLEAR on your aligned purpose and HOW you deliver this to the world in a way that works for YOUR soul


We will be creating your 5K online programme based on what you LOVE and CREATIVITY, we will bust all your shadows holding you back.

Get comfortable and excited about selling your creations to your ideal clients.

Learn how to highly value what you do

This is about your mission. And having the financial resources by charging what you are truly worth -to make that happen without restriction. 

🔥7 week online immersive transformational online journey 🔥

- Dedicated and intimate private FB group with high value, powerful livestream transmissions

-Ground Breaking Shadow Alchemy Tool

-Create your high ticket online programmes

- Clear your money shadows 
-Powerful Archetypal knowledge - empowerment
-Magick to bring you to LIFE
-A brave space for the art/expression and honesty that is YOU
-Ultimate liberation for your hearts desires
-NO turning back- once you pull back the veil on your true power there’s no going back



I am CERTAIN about the results you receive when you are in my container

If I accept you into this programme it’s because I SEE your power even when you can’t and I KNOW what you are capable of so I have ZERO doubt about what happens for you once I say yes to you

We start 15th June

The keen beans get the bonus content in the pre-party so don’t hesitate

PM me to apply**Next Intake Starts July 1st 2020**

"You're honesty and integrity are so refreshing and you can just see through all the "stuff" that get's in peoples way. I love that you keep it real and your work is transformational. You have inspired me to turn the volume up on me and reclaim my power!" - Amanda


Work with WHO you want, WHEN you want, HOW you want and get paid WHAT you want. Just for being YOU. In just 7 weeks. 

Sounds like a dream? Too good to be true?  IT'S NOT A FUCKING DREAM. It exists for you and I will take you there.

No more charging per hour
No more spending HOURS on boring marketing that doesn't seem to work
No more wishing your life was different and struggling financially
No more working with clients who suck the life out of you

Get BRAVE instead of being a SLAVE to your limiting beliefs and current circumstances

Think you can't afford it right now? The truth is this is your golden opportunity. No more rules. No more excuses. More people are online now more than ever before. There is more transformation happening than ever before.

"I have never come across another Coach who's made me feel this way before. Here I found someone actually making sense, and saying it as it is. No pussyfooting around! She told the truth about how magical we are in a way that cuts the crap."- Roz

People ARE spending on what they see as important. SO we show them that YOU are VALUABLE to their lives.

I can see the magic in you, that you can't





















The women who join this journey WILL have life-changing results, I GUARANTEE it

This whole business game becomes FUN and EFFORTLESS when you stop playing small, and finally UNLEASH your true self without fear or apology!

It is SO exciting to finally get paid high ticket prices for just being yourself and doing what you love to do, with the clients you love the most

It's Win Win - your clients get the amazing results you provide -(and I KNOW you get them great results so don't pretend you aren't valuable!) - and you get to enjoy your life with what you earn from sharing your magic

And I will show you how



Here's what you get

- 7 intensive weeks in a private FB group with me and the other amazing women 

- Expect to get powerful training on creating strong and healthy boundaries - no more people-pleasing and over giving!

- Learning how to truly value yourself, express your true self to magnetise and attract your people and charge the prices that will fund your dream lifestyle

- Clearing money blocks and limiting beliefs around what is possible for you - YOU ARE A FUCKING BADASS MAGICIAN and you'll know it in your bones by the end of this 

- Live video transmissions from me to empower you and ignite your potential

- Unlocking your creativity and flow - vanilla and beige a thing of the past - BOOORINGG!

- Introductions and deep dives into survival archetypes- the victim, child, prostitute and saboteur energies and how this has been BIG TIME holding you back and how to change it NOW

- Shadow Work - no more letting guilt, fear, shame, and the likes get in the way of you having the income, lifestyle and business you are capable of

- All training videos and group sessions recorded for you to watch at any time so you can take this at times to suit you.

-Taking ACTION. We will be getting you walking the walk in real-time. This is about you getting the results and reaping the rewards without waiting - you have waited long enough for your success.

This will unfold as you bring yourself to the table. 



You have never experienced anything like this before. 

We start on July 1st

Are you in?

Investment is £1500

wild woman.jpg

VIP 1-1 Upgrade

- Full access to the group experience

-Energetics mastery within your business- make sales effortlessly and feel good about it

-1-1 Deep dive shadow alchemy process - one online coaching session per week for the 7 weeks

-Access to me on voice notes for real-time shadow alchemy and guidance/ support/ empowerment

-Ultimate lifestyle transformation 

- Energetic marketing based on following your desire and intuition/truth

-I only take on 5 VIP clients max per programme to give you my full presence 

Investment £3000

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