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Body Therapy For Women

North Leeds










Reflexology - A beautifully pampering treatment of the feet, massage and gentle pressure on the meridian energy points balances mind and body. Calms the whole system down and is wonderful to reduce stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Aids digestion and promotes good circulation, reducing inflammation. You'll feel revitalised, calm and peaceful. 



Pregnancy Reflexology - Available after the first trimester. Come and put your feet up, this is a beautiful treatment for soothing swollen feet, promoting balance and calm - to make this time special for you and baby. Helps the hormones to balance, find a sense of peace and connection. A state of relaxation will encourage a smooth pregnancy and labour.




30 mins - £25

50 mins - £35



For Women




Full Body Massage - one hour - £45

This massage is nurturing, gentle and soothing for the mind and body. Feel rejuvenated and relaxed after this head to toe pamper session. Take time out for yourself in my ambient treatment space to let go and  de-stress to re-balance your whole system.


                                                                  Back Massage - 1/2 hour - £25 - 30 minutes of pure bliss, to melt away the tension from your back, neck and shoulders. 

                                                                   Indian Head Massage - 1/2 hour - £25 - includes gentle massage of the shoulders, neck, face and head.  Deeply relaxing, amazing to reduce stress, insomnia, headaches and worry. 

                                                                Mix and Match Session - 60 mins - £45 - Create your own bespoke treatment. Choose two to blend together, back massage, indian head massage and reflexology.


                                                                 Pregnancy Massage - one hour - £45 - Available after the first trimester, for women who are not high risk. A beautiful and gentle treatment for you and baby. Rebalance your hormonal system, and melt away those aches and pains. Feel calm, light and nourished.



Treatment space just off Street Lane, North Leeds, LS8. 





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