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I take women on a journey to access their potential for success, and unlimited abundance.

I always knew I was different. I never wanted the same things, that others around me seemed to want.

I've always had a really strong urge to be fully, truthfully self-expressed and to live with ultimate freedom.  

My direct honesty and truth-telling used to get me into trouble. I struggled to thrive in "normal" job settings because I couldn't be myself...not really. I felt no-one understood me.

I used to feel trapped. often. Suffocated. 

Once upon a time, I would use Alcohol and running away to other countries to try to free myself...or to numb the pain of living in a world I felt was not built for me.

Anxiety, depression and physical pain were a normal thing for me.

Not anymore.

I learned to accept, honour and "come out" as my true self ....a spiritual activator, not meant to fit into the status all. Here to speak the truth to those who know they are here for more and can't quite see their clear path for fear of judgment or the low self-esteem that inevitably comes with feeling like an Alien in the world.

I came from survival mode, lack mindset, and living in the archetypal energy of "prostitute" - that being giving away your gifts for less, consumed with belonging at the expense of your truth, not following your heart or desire and doing whatever it takes to survive- keeping you stuck.



So now, I show you how to CHOOSE how you work, who you work with and when.

No more taking every contract that comes your way, never feeling you can say no or playing small to play "safe"

It doesn't work, it is not sustainable and it doesn't make you happy.

You are POWERFUL, here for MORE and deep down you damn well KNOW it. It is eating you up inside that you are blocking yourself from realising your own dreams.

Blasting away the non-sensical idea that we can't be both good people/spiritual AND wealthy.

If you say YES to investing in yourself with me - I won't let you off the hook. I will challenge your limiting beliefs, the stories you hold about yourself that are not true and the safety nets you are clinging on to that are making you miserable.

What do you choose?

If you are ready to THRIVE instead of merely survive and unleash your magic into the world AND get rewarded for it properly then have a chat with me and apply to my programme- and if I see you are ready and committed and take you on, you won't be the same person on the other side 

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