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Kirsty Elliott

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These unspoken four little words

That can be felt non the less if we fear failure, after following our intuition and saying no to the offers right in front of us

That’s what we are afraid of 

Hey LONERS...... I see you 

We might not physically be alone but we have loner hearts 

- we walk the path less travelled 

- we’ve always been somewhat misfits 

- We have to walk AWAY from the usual crowd in order to find the space to create new for ourselves 

- We are always, by nature, kind of repelling the norm, we can’t help it it’s in our blood 

- We will inherently face being not understood, challenged, feared for our differences, judged, maybe even mocked - this is ok. You need to learn to smile at this and continue as you were 😁

We make fu**ing GREAT entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, writers, creatives


If we are not careful, we will rush to try and prove ourselves 

To try and prove that we aren’t insane for taking a chance on ourselves 

To prove that we aren’t idiots for saying no to the known, and safety, in order to create more freedom, truth and empowerment in our day to day lives through our creative business and purposeful work in the world 

We don’t want anyone to say, without saying -

Told you so (and the kicker is that silent loud voice is mostly you)

Should have stayed in the job 

Should have stayed in your old way 

Should have played it safe 

What if you need to ask for HELP? And it’s all your FAULT because you DARED to take a chance on your HEART?

How DARE you, you FOOL!!!

This is why I’m the best coach you'll ever meet when you have a creative, fiery, free spirited, loner heart and a purpose to empower people in the world through your intuitive magic 

Because I will never validate that energy in you that fears failure, judgment or giving up

I will NOT say the things your family, friends, others around you might say out of the goodness of their hearts because they love you, but ultimately don’t fully understand you and why conforming to the “norm” is actually painful and destructive for your soul 

- especially challenging if this person if your partner, child, best friend etc 

Don’t cave and be more like the naysayers for sake of ease 

Be more like YOU and surround yourself with people who will cheer you on and see in you-  the genius and magic that you sometimes hide from yourself 

Even if it’s online and in WhatsApp and in FB groups because you fu*king love your own space and too much people-ing burns out your energy sensitive being, and you’ve got badass work to do in the world!

Transform your mindset and energy without using all your fucking energy on that, so you’ve got the energy to do the damn thing too 

If you build it they will come

I’ve built it. Come 

Kirsty x


“It was life altering”

“You’ve inspired me so much, more than anyone ever has”

“It’d been a long time since I engaged with and declared my truth”



"I absolutely loved Kirsty’s Spiritual Badass Academy container.

It was amazing to have such a supportive space to take my personal/spiritual development to the next level.

There was so much potent content and it was all delivered in such a flexible way so I could work it all around a busy life and a toddler!

My main take away is massive new awareness of my personal power.

I didn’t realise how much I was giving away my power every day in so many ways and this programme has helped me take it back and reconnect with my magic.

It was so beneficial to be able to ask questions and deal with my “stuff” in real time with the intimate whats app group.

I felt so supported, safe, listened to, empowered and challenged in the best possible way.

It was a life changing experience and my view of the world now is completely different.

It feels like I’ve been opened up to a whole new world of magic and I’m so grateful to have been part of it xxx”


"I enrolled on Kirsty's epic program which was the BEST thing I did all summer!

I'd been following Kirsty's page for a while, and watching her videos thinking OMG I love this woman! I don't fully understand what she's talking about right now, but I fucking love it!

Investing in Kirsty's course was a big deal to me. I've been in business as a therapist for a while, but something just wasn't flowing for me and I had no idea what it was.


Absolutely no one else had ever been able to give me answers, because I didn't know what it was i needed to know!

Working with Kirsty has definitely changed my life. She is so knowledgeable. Learning about Shadow Alchemy has blown my mind! It's exactly the alternative, deep brain squelching theories that I love, except, so easy to put into practice. I've never felt more enthralled in a course before, I was addicted to it, and lapped it all up. Every day I looked forward to emerging myself into it. I even took time off to fully submerge myself into everything.

Kirsty isn't your typical sweet fairy tree house kind of therapist. She can't even be described as a therapist, she's a fantastical, out of this world being, who I swear was sent to me from another dimension somewhere.

There's a vortex between other trainers and coaches and the allure of Kirsty's enigmatic character.

She won't swim in your emotional swamp with you, she'll show you a stick, beat you with it a few times, then leave it there for you to pull yourself out. This! Was exactly what I personally needed, even if I didn't know it, she did. It was uncomfortable, but it's what it took to emerge out the other side of her program forever an altered state of existence.

I see my business in a completely new light literally!

Since Kirsty's program I have a clear purpose and direction about the sort of "therapist " I want to be, how I want to work, where, when and with whom, and already major changes are appearing not just in my business, but all areas of my life, it's all connected! Who knew!?

If you've already got a bag full of business and marketing strategies conflicting, and something still doesn't feel right?

If your personal life isn't jelling with your business?

If who you are as a person is clashing with how you've been taught to run your business and it feels really off?

It's because you need to work with Kirsty Elliott. Best decision I ever made."


“Amazing things are happening

No negative self talk, none of that resistance. SO rare for me!

I’ve lived my entire life from shadow (fear, programming)

I’ve tried all the things..... including Law Of Attraction- nothing to jump up and down about

It wasn’t consistent enough. I’ve gone further than most LOA people - I know all about the subconscious etc ...

Kirsty - life changing!

Then I joined Kirsty’s 5 day programme “Desire Switch” - WOAH, OMG you guys need to join this!

Anybody no matter who you are ..... it is frickin AWESOME

The stuff that has happened to me this morning, I have NEVER been able to do it with such little resistance and negative self talk

I just wanted to let you guys know that Kirsty's courses are awesome - the programme hadn’t evet technically started yet and from the little bit we’ve done it didn’t feel like a whole lot actually “happened” but I noticed about an hour later ......

Things suddenly shifted. My mind was calm.

I’m so impressed. Get in on this”


“ I was struggling with low self esteem, belief in myself and my ideas, and how to present my ideas to the people I wanted to connect with.

I had a lack of and poor time management. I felt overwhelmed and pretty damn hopeless.

I had never tried coaching as the normal funnelling types bored me.

Kirsty's way of coahing seemed new, fun and exciting, very engaging and it was all about me, rather than some generic copied script.

The free time to complete things when I wanted with ease and flow. An understanding that everybody works differently.

Kirsty is personable in her approach and is always focused on achieving target and results for her clients.

I love how the videos in the group were so detailed but stayed on point. Every truth rant was like a weight off your shoulders when you listened to it.

It feels like I'm no longer carrying around the burdens I've placed on myself.

It opened up doors of opportunity for me to express myself, connect to new people and learn new ways of looking at sales.

I feel like I have a clearer path now and definitely a clearer head space."