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Kirsty Marie Elliott - Coach & Mentor To



Qualifications and Tools;


~ Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

~ Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

~ Matrix Re-imprinting & Inner Child Healing

Ladies.... Control your cravings, banish the bingeing, love your life again ❤️

I’m excited to be bringing to you, this dedicated space for those of you who feel out of control with your eating

There’s nothing worse than going around and around looping in the cycles of crash diets, all or nothing exercise, good intentions

And then cravings get the better of you and you feel like you “un-do” all of your hard work
There’s NOTHING wrong with wanting to feel good in your own skin and body

The odds are stacked against us folks
The amount of “fake food” and stuff on the shelves and on offer that is HIGHLY addictive and terrible for us is worse than ever

It’s harder and harder to make good choices for ourselves when there is HUGE profit to be made from you- the consumer - being addicted to the ingredients in food and not being able to control the cravings

The change lies WITHIN you

We can’t change the external situation
But we CAN change our internal self

I’ bring the power of hypnosis to the women who choose to transform from the inside out

Hypnotherapy can help you get back in touch with your body

Hypnotic processes can help you bust those cravings and take your power back - especially EFT Tapping!

Hypnotherapy can also address the UNDERLYING reasons for cravings and bingeing

Stress can cause us to over eat to self soothe.... so the stress must be addressed

Old trauma that needs healing.... we can avoid our feelings through numbing out with food...

Loneliness.... food can become our “friend”- but it’s not a friend when it’s harming you!

Protection- keeping on weight can be a subconscious coping mechanism to keep us “safe” from people - especially the opposite sex

I’m passionate and dedicated to helping ready and open minded women overcome these challenges through the power of hypnosis and EFT

So you can feel good in your body again

So you can feel in control of your choices

So you can feel empowered to re-write your story with food and create a new and healthy future!

Willpower doesn’t work long term..... which is why the usual attempts at diets and exercise never last

We need to go deeeeperrr loves!

Why does this matter to me?

I used to be a binge eater....

I would eat until it HURT.... it’s taken me a long time to share that
But I’m not ashamed anymore

I know I was just hurting and trying to self medicate

But my “medication” was hurting me

Through EFT and Hypnotherapy I healed my relationship to my body and to food
I worked on the underlying issues (eating was the SYMPTOM not the true problem)

And I stopped abusing my body with food

So I care deeply about helping others with this

Because I understand the suffering it can bring

You CAN overcome and feel amazing and like your true self again

But it takes some inner work ❤️
Let’s go for it


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