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I specialise in empowering you as a woman to see the truth of who you are  (amazing, powerful, love, magic, unique) and let go of all the painful stories in your head that are holding you back. I show you how to step into your power and let love in.

So that you can transform to live your full potential, love yourself and have what you desire.

Attract healthy and loving relationships, raise your self-worth, learn to trust your gut, create healthy boundaries and heal your inner child, let go of the need to people-please or "fix" others.


Kirsty Elliott - Clinical Hypnotherapist/ EFT Practitioner


~Dip Complementary Therapy Level 3

~EFT/ MRA Level1/2

Fully Insured





1-1 Sessions

£60 an hour

£169 Course of 3

 Are you ready to choose another way?

Anxiety/ Depression/ Low Self Esteem/ Feeling Stuck/ Struggling with Relationships/ Searching For Meaning and Purpose?

I use all the below techniques flowing seamlessly together within the 1-1 healing sessions

Inner Child Healing - let's heal the old wounds with love and compassion so you don't have to carry them any longer

Tapping EFT - effective for anxiety and panic, gives you a practical technique to take back control of your emotions

Matrix Reimprinting - POWERFUL tool for releasing trapped emotion and old limiting beliefs that don't serve you anymore

Future Self Work - What would it even look and feel like if you had made the changes and let go? If you don't know, let's find out!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming - what's your inner voice like? How do you speak to yourself in your head? Learn how to change how you talk to yourself.

Hypnotherapy elements - Access the subconscious to do the healing at the deep level for real change

When working with me on a 1-2-1 basis~ online via video call is the best and most simple way for you to find deep healing and profound shifts and transformation.

You'll get all the benefits of an in-person session but with extra perks;

- Connect with me in the comfort of your own home

- Cut out the travel time to and from sessions

- Rest and relax after the sessions to process

- Don't worry about childcare/ petcare whilst having to leave the house for a long period

- Work with me anywhere, wherever you or I am!

- Go deeper into positive change more quickly when you are already relaxed in your own space

- Have your sessions whenever you need them no matter if you travel for work, are holidaying or living between places like at Uni.

- Get the sessions direct to your iPad, smartphone or laptop. It's like we are in the same room.

- I lead by example showing people how to lead more free and fulfilling lives - working online is in tune with me being authentic and allows me to help people no matter where they live.

- I use zoom, it's like Skype but better and it's so easy you don't even need an account!

- If you aren't sure, try it! Book your free online chat session with me to get a feel for it.

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The first session was very powerful and I was able to release a lot of built-up emotions. I felt comfortable letting go in front of Kirsty as she made me feel very relaxed.  Also in my sessions, I learned tools and visualisations that help me manage my reactions, emotions and anxiety.


I would recommend Kirsty to anyone out there who is feeling trapped by anxiety/low self-esteem/past trauma etc she is amazing! Such a calm and down to earth person who you warm to instantly. She makes you feel so comfortable and gently guides you through your healing process.


For anyone worried about giving it a go, don't be, it's not always easy (facing your fears and dragging up unpleasant memories) but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Kirsty is with you every step of the way and it leaves you feeling amazingly calm and happy at the end of it - totally worth it - changed me for the better!